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Kentucky Fans Have Their Own Dating Site

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – July 2, 2015: If you’re a Kentucky fan looking for love, we have the place for you. Sports Dating Inc. today introduced, a dating site for Kentucky fans. is a free dating site that offers profile creation, matching, and searching – along with messaging through an email network and various events with the goal of helping Kentucky fans find love with other Kentucky fans.

“We’re thrilled to offer this service to the BBN,” said Shane Munson, Sports Dating Inc.’s Founder and fellow BBN member. “Kentucky fans are some of the most dedicated, passionate, and loyal fans in the world. When searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right, it is important that you have shared interests.” Unlike the large dating sites, this site is not for everyone and anyone looking for love. It is for people that find cheering for Kentucky sports an important part of their lives and consider it important for their potential life partner to share this interest. “You are not going to find millions of people on our site,” said Munson. “However, you will find someone that will cheer on your team with you.”

“Creating this program was challenging but, it was a lot of fun,” said Brandon Crabtree, System Analyst for Sports Dating Inc. “We have developed a program that will let you search for people not only by their hair color, or location but also by what we are calling ‘fandom’.” Fandom is a rating system in which you can rate how big of a fan you are. This allows you to look for a potential mate that shares your enthusiasm or someone less enthusiastic, depending on preference.

Registration for the site is now open. Sports Dating Inc. is allowing users until July 15, 2015 to build their profile, upload pictures, answer a few questions, and of course fill out a questionnaire about what they are looking for in a perfect match. All profiles will be available on July 15th for members to search and view.

Are you looking for someone that loves Kentucky sports just as much as you do? Someone that will sit and watch the game with you? Cheer louder than you? Log on to and get started.



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